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Share | drunk was Bigz at Mack e. Dubs?

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PostSubject: drunk was Bigz at Mack e. Dubs?   Thu May 27, 2010 1:00 am

OK, so I have pretty much a limited memory of that night, and I would like to have some questions answered.

1. Did I eat any children?
2. If so, did they deserve it?
3. Whereabouts did I vomit?
4. Did I vomit on anything like children?
5. Did I have secks with many bitches?
6. Why weren't balls drawn on my forehead?
7. Who was man enough to carry me inside?
8. Why did I wake up in Mack and Brett's Jerk off room?
9. Did Doug have his way with me?
10. If so, was it filmed?

Man, I honestly have not been that wasted since....ugh....Louies. and for those in attendance you know what I speak of.
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Colonel Tobe
Nate Erdmann
Nate Erdmann

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PostSubject: Re: drunk was Bigz at Mack e. Dubs?   Thu May 27, 2010 2:05 am

We tried to draw dicks on you but you woke up.. and you were a part of Chris Farleying the beerpong table.. thats about all I can remember.
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